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It is estimated that more than a fifth of the UK’s workface earn less than the Living Wage, often leading to a ‘hand to mouth’ existence and problems with debt. The problem is particularly prevalent among 18-21 year olds.

To allow your consumer the chance to properly understand your brand, being as present in their offline lives as on their social media pages is still important.

Choose to make it easy for your consumers to keep their promises.

Hangar Seven has an asset management system. We also have workflow systems, project management systems and a brilliant sample and image management system.

We are consuming content more than ever before; access to information is now at a level that even most sci-fi writers didn’t predict.

It’s now well understood that the emotional aspects of consumer decision-making are more important than the rational aspects. How should marketers harness these to drive commercial growth?

If you can save 25% on your marketing services production costs, why would you choose not to do so?

Are you fed up with the way some advertising agencies and production companies try to limit the usage rights on photographs that you’ve paid for?