We will help you make sure you are set up with the right structure and process to deliver the right piece of content to the audience

It is the device that is used to change our audience’s minds, reaffirm their perspective or what they use to define themselves with. Content is the multi-use tool that can be put to pretty much any task, therefore a lot of the skill in wielding this tool comes in knowing how and when you want to use it. So if content is king then context is queen. 

It is essential for your overall content strategy to know when the Venn circle of what you want to achieve, overlaps with the Venn circle of what the audience wants from your content. 

What do you want to achieve? 

One of the first things we try to establish is why you disseminate content to begin with, this is rarely a single issue point, often it is a combination of drive awareness, drive sales, change perception, reach new audiences, build advocacy and many others.

With the consumer now consuming more content than ever before you rarely have one opportunity to persuade them to do one thing, you now have a few opportunities to persuade them to do a few things. Ultimately your content strategy is a realisation of your overall marketing strategy. 

With this in mind we will help shape what your content portfolio mix should be, should it be 50% sales, 25% brand and 25% tactical, or another combination.

Early stage determination of the end result that you wish to achieve will make understanding how to define what your audience might seek, how they will engage and how they will act, that much simpler and more effective.

Content Strategy Illustration

Why the audience might turn to you for content? 

Many pieces of content are pushed at the consumer, however the dynamic is rapidly changing and consumers now have a bigger say over what content they consume. This means rather than just answering the questions “What do we want to shout at the audience?” you now need to answer “What conversations will the audience want to have with us?”.

This means you need to understand why the audience will come to you, what needs will they be looking for you to satisfy and what they want to take away.

This change in who now initiates the conversation, is both an opportunity

and a threat, the opportunity can be realised by those who have properly thought about the audience and are ready with a whole raft of content perfectly tuned for every possible audience need. The threat comes from ignoring this opportunity and still focusing on forcing the audience to have a conversation they do not want. 

We will work with you to ensure we fully understand your audience and thus understand what content they will turn to you for. We will do this by looking at the content engagements they are having with you, your peers and competitors, by talking to your audience, and by ensuring there is a robust testing plan so you can learn easily and react to these learnings quickly and decisively.


When and where will the audience want to engage? 

A multi-channel content strategy isn’t just about making sure you have got both a print quality and poster quality version of an advertising asset. It is so much more. Consumers use different channels for different needs, for example; users want to have a piece of content that is entertaining / intriguing on facebook; they want to have content they can easily share on Twitter; they want to have a piece of content that visually inspires them on Pinterest; they want a piece of content that aurally inspires them on a podcast; they want a piece of engaging content in a magazine; they want informative POS; they want snappy copy on mobile; and they want no copy on Instagram.

We will look at each of your channels, either earned, owned or bought and help make sure you have the right type of content for the right channel.

Right first time 

With the thinking we will deliver as part of the content strategy we will help you make sure you are set up with the right structure and process to deliver the right piece of content to the audience, on the right channel, that is answering the right question and ultimately delivering the right outcome for your business.

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