Tighter planning, earlier decision making and much better product and data management can deliver considerable savings

Hangar Seven’s content production Crew encompasses; photographers, project managers, stylists, logistics staff, writers, editors and planners. Between them they handle more than 500,000 ‘files’ each year, creating content that is distributed to 87 countries around the World.

Were one a triskaidekaphobic, then musing about the good things that will occur in 2016 would probably be fruitless. At Hangar Seven we start each year the same way we start each project ... full of enthusiasm and convinced that there is a better way to make things happen. Thankfully, we’re most often right.

This year some interesting production trends will emerge as brands and retailers step up their ambitions to dominate the online space. Similarly, the fragmentation of the conventional broadcast TV market (Sir Jony Ive is on the case) and the continued closure of print titles (sacre bleu ... even the Dandy comic is now an online only publication!) will present more production challenges.

And the biggest challenge of all is getting the cost of delivery right. In a daily or weekly print title, today’s advertising or PR message is, quite probably, tomorrow’s chip paper. The temporary nature meaning there was, and is, a finite price that should be paid. Online, content can last

forever and control of it can easily be taken from you. But, the price to pay must be balanced by the need to create massively more content for the newer channels than one might have needed in yesterday’s media world.

People will invest more in test & learn

In the online world feedback is instant. Learning whether a product image or a full blown campaign is working or will work is quick. In an ideal world, we and our clients would find a way to ‘test and learn’ with every campaign iteration and every product introduction.

It’s not a difficult production task to achieve. Bring together the creative team and the distribution engineers early enough in the cycle and mini realisations of content plans can be rapidly tested at low cost. In doing so, smaller budgets can be allocated and niche content production will become more efficacious.

Talk to us to learn how a rolling programme of ‘test and learn’ can help you to make better use of your marketing production budget. Sectors of our industry that in the past seemed to be immune to consolidation will see their markets shrink as the larger, better resourced competitors hoover up market share.

Prices will fall

As companies are faced with the need to feed the voracious information consuming consumer, companies that specialise in producing content will need to find new production methods that allow faster and lower cost delivery. This will need to be achieved with no loss of quality, which presents a challenge in itself. Appropriate quality will come to the fore, whereby brands and, especially, retailers, seek to ‘sunset’ content to ensure ever fresh presentation.

In image creation (still and moving pictures) which is at the heart of our production offer, we will see a far greater emphasis on video production, and overall volumes will increase markedly. But clients will need to see significant cost reductions along the way.

Offshoring is often seen as the quickest way to cost reduction. Unfortunately this all too often means a reduction in quality, lack of project control and, critically, increased time to market. When we look back in an effort to inform our future, we learn that the single biggest cost saving can

be achieved through better organisation. Tighter planning, earlier decision making and much better product and data management can deliver considerable cost savings.

Decoupling will come of age

Advertising agencies and pure creative agencies rightly hold a special place in the marketing communications community and supply chain. Clever people that produce simply brilliant big ideas are to be highly valued.

For production, you need a specialist that focuses closely on the discipline. A company that knows how to wring every last drop from the marketing budget and how to employ leading techniques to reduce time to market and production costs. At Hangar Seven we take pride in finding better ways and in getting the job done ... fast and efficiently.

This year, the inexorable shift from generalist to specialist will continue and more for less will become seen as a good thing, for value will be the watchword.

Volume production will come to the fore

Companies like Hangar Seven, geared for large volume, are seeking to find ways of working with clients where we can continually take cost out. To do so requires a partnership approach where client and supplier work together for long term advantage. And partnership will be seen as the means of driving best value.

Curation will take its place at the heart of content

Making the best use of the assets that you already possess becomes more important. Why recreate when, in the marketing library, imagery or information exists that will do the job?

Curating these assets – cataloguing, analysing, detailing and actively managing – is a big challenge for most. Hangar Seven’s Brand Logistics process makes curation a simpler task and helps to ensure that relevant content is always at one’s fingertips.

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