It's like a super Siri, but one that works when and how you want it to,
simply ask and it is delivered.

Content curation is all about creating and managing quality original Content for all channels of a brand’s communications. When it comes to Content distribution, Hangar Seven’s unique Brand Central approach takes charge. Using Brand Central to manage assets avoids duplication and reduces time to market; thus achieving a timely and efficient end-to-end Content solution.

Brand Central, the heart of clever content distribution, is about simplifying the complex set of operations that lie behind effective brand management and the delivery of powerful, joined up marketing campaigns across all channels.

It’s about getting the right content, in the right place, at the right time, on brand and on budget, to drive and increase sales, or build brand awareness. It’s an expertly delivered service providing total campaign delivery from a single point of contact to a multi-channel audience.

Hangar Seven’s content distribution skills were honed in the white heat of pre-internet graphic production.

Since this time we have developed an extensive toolkit of resources and workflows which enable us to meet complex content management and distribution needs.

For adidas we distribute content to 89 different countries around the world. The content mixture covers conventional press advertising at its most traditional, through to mass distribution of online assets – such as TVCs for YouTube and other video sharing applications.

Working with B&Q we use our distribution skills to manage the freshness and relevance of several hundred thousand ecommerce assets. The assets change, refresh, update – visually and from a metadata perspective – on a daily basis and provide B&Q’s customers with the primary purchasing opportunity.

And in our work with Microsoft XBOX we manage to push distribution of highly engaging content to more than 100 different fan sites, supported by moderation of online communities and real-world extensions, such as delivering promotions and competitions.

The benefits of applying the Brand Central methodology to Content Distribution include:

Centralisation of brand assets and content
Providing you with a “single view” of content thereby enabling the efficient management, selection and prioritisation of content by its desired application(s).

Cost reduction
Easy access to assets invariably means that the assets are used more often and deployed more appropriately. Less time and less money is spent on sourcing and replacing assets. Budget invested yesterday continues to work hard tomorrow and beyond.

Brand Central technology and service support are infinitely scalable. The service can grow with your business or your brands.

Makes it simple to see what assets you have, aiding fast decision making about what’s still needed, what’s out of date or what needs augmenting. And, in many cases, population and distribution can be via simple menu pricing mechanics meaning campaign cost prediction and budgeting could not be more simple.

Reduction in supply chain complexity
Assets held together and managed in a single pool mean that fewer suppliers are needed to maintain the integrity of the entire dataset. Fewer suppliers means less on-going or overhead cost and considerably less management time investment.

Speed to market
As every asset always appear in a single place, with clear categorisation and application guidelines, access and use is faster than by conventional means.


Multi-channel delivery from one point of contact
A single instruction is all that is needed to send content to any one – or many – different channels. Content can be imagery (still or moving), words, graphics or any other marketing assets, from a press release to a pack layout. Maximises ROI at every stage: time, resource, de-duplication and efficiency deliver cost savings. The single content view aids rapid deployment. Both combine to ensure increased relevancy and the consequent improvement in Return on Investment.


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