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Why spend thousands of pounds travelling to long haul destinations or chancing the British weather, when in just three hours you could be taking your first shot of the day?

Within easy reach of all the UK’s main airports, Portugal is the ideal shoot solution, offering a diverse range of stunning locations and perfect shoot conditions all year round. But, what makes Hangar Seven Portugal different – and what delivers the cost savings – is the fact that we handle everything, so you can be confident that with our experience and know-how, your shoot will run smoothly.

A complete turnkey operation

We don’t use production companies, we manage every aspect of the shoot using our own vehicles, facilities and equipment to give you a hassle free location experience. Every detail is meticulously planned, from the initial concepts, production schedules and model booking, to final image delivery, Hangar Seven is there throughout – delivering what you want, when you want it.

Industry leading sample management systems

Hangar Seven operates one of the most sophisticated sample tracking and image management systems in the industry. Developed by us, it’s technology that saves time, money and means no more lost samples.

It’s Hangar Seven people every step of the way

The team you brief in the UK is the team that is with you in Portugal. We have the local knowledge to find the best locations to suit your creative needs and the best restaurants to help you relax after a hard days work.