The brief

Despite its industry-leading credentials, Myprotein was getting a rough ride in the German fitness market. Lack of regulation had allowed competitors to discredit the brand. This led to scaremongering about Myprotein, encouraging people to buy homegrown alternatives. Our challenge? To create a new brand video to change perceptions and reaffirm Myprotein’s position in the German market.

Our approach

To counter the misinformation about Myprotein, we decided to prove its premium quality irrefutably, backed up by solid evidence. We dug deep into the brand, unearthing every proof point, from the quality of the X-ray machines to the uncompromising IRF quality control technology and industry-leading filtration systems. The final, powerful piece of evidence was that the whey in Myprotein comes from Muller, one of Germany’s best loved brands.

What we delivered

A highly engaging, myth-busting brand film, taking the viewer on a journey through the life of the product. Some sections of the production process couldn’t be shot on location, so we re-created them in our own studio, using ingenious set-building. The most-viewed Myprotein film preceding ours had around 5,000 views on YouTube. We were tasked with a 200% improvement. So far, our film has over 750,000 views in Germany alone and is set to launch with bespoke versions in the UK, US and Japan. How’s that for enhanced performance?