DFS had to shoot lots of imagery to feed its very effective marketing campaigns across print, advertising, online and point of sale. 

All imagery was shot on location to get the quality of room sets that they needed but this was proving costly and limiting.


Our Solution

Hangar Seven introduced DFS to the reality of lifelike room set photography as opposed to shooting everything on location, which they previously did. This gave more originality and flexibility to each shot as well as reduce the cost of production and proximity of much-valued samples. Over the last four years of working with DFS, we have shot more than 500 large room set images, as well as thousands of smaller product and in-situ shots.


DFS are the UK number one for sofa sales and continue to set the benchmark in relation to the quality of their marketing in general consumer sofa sales. Hangar Seven continue to set higher standards than the competition and keep driving the client to try new and on trend treatments. In fact Mary Portas told DFS’s competitors to set DFS imagery as the standard they should aim for.

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