The brief

Clinique UK wanted us to help them create work that showed how their No.1 foundation brand, Even Better, makes customers feel. They tasked us with creating content, primarily for social and digital channels in the UK, with an emotional pull that showed the real benefit of the product.

Our approach

An insight that sprung from Clinique’s research was that the product continuously improves skin. So we decided to develop the theme of improving: getting that little bit better, making small changes to make big improvements, and giving skin the attention it deserves from a foundation that evolves with it. To help bring this to life, we collaborated closely with Clinique to recruit Super Fans and Influencers to tell their stories.

What we delivered

Running two studios simultaneously (one for video, one for stills), we interviewed, filmed and photographed Super Fans and Influencers to generate content based on their real stories. Over a two-day shoot we produced 27 videos edited for different formats, 29 stills and 100s of shots for Clinique to use as additional assets. The client was really happy with how the campaign played out, and our work got in front a much wider audience with markets outside the UK requesting to use it on their channels.