The brief

Boots had a challenge. They needed a high volume of content each month for their social channels, but had to produce it very rapidly and within budget. The content also had to be high quality, on-brand and on-message, to drive customer engagement and ultimately sales.

Our approach

In collaboration with our client, we sat on an Editorial Content Board (ECB) with representatives from Boots’ key marketing teams. The ECB audited pre-existing content and current content, agreeing on what was right for social channels. We could then see the gaps where content needed to be created from scratch. In addition, we decided to curate a bank of “evergreen” assets for long-term use.

What we delivered

Our creatives generated social content on subjects as diverse as fake tan, hay fever, summer haircare, travel health, festivals and Wimbledon. In total, there were over 200 pieces of content created for Boots’ three-month summer social campaign, as well as photography, video and moving image.