adidas are a global business who consider the protection of their brand identity as one of its utmost business imperatives. 

Letting global markets loose with key imagery and branded assets usually ends up in inconsistent brand representation across its marketing communication and untold damage to the brand itself.

Our Solution

Hangar Seven are the global brand guardians for adidas producing, reversioning and localising marketing assets for over 89 countries.

For over 12 years, Hangar Seven have produced thousands of press ads, cinema commercials, TV commercials, online videos and web banners on behalf of the client.

All assets are held in a globally accessed asset management system that allows local markets to view and order marketing assets and materials direct from Hangar Seven within an agreed time frame, cost structure and SLA. This assures quality control as well as strict brand control and asset lock-down which is heavily protected.


Time with client - 12 years
Agencies worked with during that time – 16 global agencies

Busiest month ever -  June 2010 World Cup Campaign, where we reversioned and localised over 1200 broadcast commercials in over 20 languages as well as produced over 300 different press ad versions to 89 countries.

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