• Green Flag take the Scenic Route
    24 March 2016

    Green Flag take the Scenic Route

    Green Flag, one of the UK’s leading roadside assistance and vehicle recovery providers with over 3.5 million customers, has appointed Hangar Seven to handle a social engagement brief to help drive greater customer interaction and brand consideration. 

  • Shoot once, use many
    17 March 2016

    Shoot once, use many

    Planning and designing your still or moving image shoot with all customer channels in mind means Hangar Seven can stretch your budgets, and your content, further.

  • Hangar Seven + Tag Worldwide
    09 March 2016

    Hangar Seven + Tag Worldwide

    Hangar Seven, one of the UK’s largest creators of imagery for retail and consumer brands, enters an exciting new era with the announcement of a partnership with Tag Worldwide.

  • Burgers, baking and everything in between
    07 March 2016

    Burgers, baking and everything in between

    If it’s about food and drink, it’s worth having a chat with Hangar Seven! Over the past two months we have shown you some beautiful images.

  • Fast, efficient and cost effective
    02 March 2016

    Fast, efficient and cost effective

    At Hangar Seven we have a passion for the home interest sector and we understand that speed to market is critical to getting your products selling.


  • Big is better
    24 February 2016

    Big is better

    When it comes to launching a new range, or re-invigorating an entire category, having a studio with the creativity, resource and space to handle big projects quickly and efficiently is a must.