About Us

We are content craftspeople. All 160 of us, across our 5 studios. Whether we’re planning customer journeys, building sets, taking photos, shooting videos, or managing our productions large and small; all of us at Hangar Seven come in to work every day to produce branded content that people want to spend their precious time with. This is our craft and we love what we do.

We work collaboratively. We work agile. We work at scale.

From “screen lickingly good” food and drink shots, to building 25 kitchens in a former cat food factory, to shooting sunny videos in November in Portugal, everything we do is about creating quality brand-true content with maximum efficiencies.

We do this with our team of strategists, creatives, producers, designers, photographers, videographers, set builders, stylists, retouchers, plus all the freelance talent who love to work with us when we need their particular skills.

The content we create comes with built-in value. It’s rights-free, with no usage fees. So it’s yours to use in any market across any channel in perpetuity. How much value you want to extract from it is completely up to you.

We know what content and formats work where in the customer journey, why they work, and how to optimise them. We have insights from over a billion data points of global consumer behaviour.

We are the content division of THG Ingenuity: the services and technology platform powering the digital commerce giant The Hut Group and we have access to both consumer insights and a world-class team of data scientists to help us create data-powered content.

Who we work with

We work best with ambitious marketers

We’re very effective at working in tandem with brand agencies as an independent production partner. We’re proud to play alongside: