We bring brands to life

Brands aren’t born. They are made. Designed and crafted with passion and insight. At Hangar Seven, we understand that craft as well as we understand consumers. We are experts in communication that inspires, excites and engages. Let’s collaborate to bring your brand to life in fresh new ways.

Our energy goes into finding better ways to produce content and communication experiences for your brand. We collaborate with you on that. And we call on the skills of 160 dedicated photographers, videographers, creatives, designers, set builders, stylists, and retouchers working across four studios in the UK and Portugal.

With over 180,000 sq feet of space available, scaling up or down is a well-oiled process, getting high quality, rights-free work in your hands that much quicker. As part of THG Ingenuity, we also have access to a world-class team of data scientists, helping us create insight-driven, data-powered work that works.

What we do


Production – Retouching – CGI  – Set Design – Styling

If it’s visual content, we make it – from studio photography to complex video production. We can handle everything from individual product shots to large-scale content delivery or creative advertising campaigns. Across our studio sites we call on a team of skilled and passionate creatives, photographers, videographers, retouchers, editors, stylists, set designers and builders.


Creative and Strategy – Production – Design – Copywriting

We conceive, design and produce world-class content backed by sharp strategy, ingenious creativity and quality crafting. That flows through all of our copy, visual design, photography and video output. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness is hard-wired into how we do things.


Creative Strategy – Integrated Campaigns – Social – Content – Experiential – Brand Identity

We are brand builders and natural communicators. And we always build on the solid foundations of insight and understanding audiences. That means the work we deliver is intelligent, effective and brilliantly crafted to be relevant and meaningful for the people who engage with it.


Branding – Web and Digital Media – Editorial and Artwork – Packaging – Experience Design – User Experience

You only get one crack at a first impression. Our comprehensive branding experience and award-winning design capabilities bring products and brands to life by resonating deeply, and immediately, with consumers. Our skill sets span four studios in the UK and Portugal, and is complemented by the talent we can call on at the THG Ingenuity digital hub.

Who we work with

We work best with ambitious marketers:

We are very effective at working in tandem with brand agencies as an independent production partner. We are proud to play alongside: