08 July 2014


MRM White Paper

At the last count (admittedly, it was us who counted) there were more than 193 different digital asset management (DAM) systems available off-the-shelf.

They come in all shapes and sizes ... locally installed or cloud-based, SME versions and full enterprise level applications. And, just in case the choice was not wide enough, there is an even larger number of process and workflow suites with which to complement the DAM of your choice. In fact, add one to the other and, hey presto, you have an MRM (Marketing Resource Management) system ... don't you?

In our survey, each system we looked at claimed to be the answer to our every prayer. The features list was, invariably, tick after tick after tick. No tock, but lots and lots of tick. And the choice of how to buy was equally varied. A simple monthly payment (with upgrade options of course), per Gb of storage, outright purchase, lease or HP. Some are even free ... but with a charge for this or that click and another for this or that "action".

Most of the DAMs that we reviewed were designed and built by software companies. Some were the product of a marketing agency's clever internal systems, now applied to the market at large. Still others were born of earnest academic toil by august institutions. And the "best" were those developed by large DAM specialists.

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