15 July 2014


Save money through "Shoot once, use many"

If you sell online, via mobile and in-store or, as many still do, via a catalogue, you are probably wasting money when you create selling images of your products. Why? Well, possibly because lack of forethought means that an image created for a 48 sheet poster is not suitable for use on an e-commerce web site banner. And a great shot created by the online team often never makes it as far as the marketing department.

At Hangar Seven, we have pioneered the concept of "Shoot once, use many". In practice, this means clever production planning to deliver tangible cost savings - whilst getting more out of every shoot you undertake.

If you're shooting a product for a press release, why not shoot the advertising shot at the same time? It won't be the same image, but you'll save time and money by not moving the product from supplier to supplier and by not having to re-brief. And once a studio set up's ready, you'll be surprised how many great images you can produce at one time.

At Hangar Seven our culture makes us ask: "What next and what else?" Often it's a question that throws up logistical issues and challenges convention, but invariably it helps contain or lowers costs. What's more, we have some pretty clever software that we've developped to help our clients make the best of every shoot and the best of every image asset.

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